My name’s Mike Nicholson and I’m Professorial Fellow in Marketing at Durham University Business School in the UK.  My original blog began simply as a means of sharing material with my students, stuff that would be relevant across several of the courses I teach.  Somehow though, the blog became more eclectic and took on a life of its own among a broader audience – hence the need for this ‘regenerated’ version.

The somewhat tongue-in-cheek title is, of course, a passing nod to the greatest band Britain has ever produced, but it has a serious message too (well, serious for me anyway).  I love behavioural economics, I am passionate about its potential to explain how and why customers sometimes behave as they do, but it’s not the whole story – to capture the vast minutiae of human decision-making and consumer choice requires a much broader range of tools and concepts than any single area of psychology could ever hope to boast.  So, much like me, my blog is broad in its conceptual scope, inter-disciplinary by instinct and applied by orientation.

The aspects of consumer behaviour that interest me are varied too.  I began my research career with the support of a leading fashion retailer, exploring the many situational influences on the then comparatively-new multichannel consumer.  I still work in that broad area, but my curiosity has been aroused of late by such phenomena as impulsive and compulsive buying, consumer revenge, neuromarketing, customer experience (CX) design, and sex differences in consumer decision-making.  I have even been known to dabble in psychoanalysis when the mood takes me, though I am more an admirer of Anna Freud’s work than that of her more (in-)famous father.

Beyond the boring work stuff, I listen (surprise, surprise) to probably an unhealthy amount of punk rock music, simply devour crime novels and police procedurals, and am an avid follower of that most British of institutions, the television series Doctor Who.  Oh, and my border collie Martha has taught me more about psychology than any behavioural economist ever could!

Normal health warnings, disclaimers and sell-by dates apply – all views expressed, however bizarre or off-the-planet they may be, are merely the result of my own brain’s random computations and do not in any way reflect the views of my esteemed institution.